The Web Developer’s Guide To Amazon E-Commerce Service

What’s in the book?


This book is primarily about using PHP to create web applications using Amazon E-Commerce Service 4.0. The target audience is intermediate developers who are creating web applications. That might include people making simple sidebar applications for web sites all the way up to more serious storefronts and even backend inventory systems. Basic understanding of XML and PHP is required, though developers should easily be able to translate the concepts and code samples to other programming languages.

Coverage includes:

  • An overview of the site architecture
  • Strategies for parsing XML responses from Amazon
  • Developing applications using PHP4, PHP5, XSLT, REST, and SOAP
  • Caching and error recovery
  • Developing with Amazon Seller Services — the Amazon Inventory Management System and the Merchants@ API
  • Creating internationalized web applications that take advantage of Amazon’s international presence (e.g.,, etc… )
  • Reference manuals for Amazon E-Commerce Service, Amazon Inventory Management System, and the Merchants@ API

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